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How do I create a Career page using TRAFFIT generator?
How do I create a Career page using TRAFFIT generator?

Career page generator

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To create your new career page with TRAFFIT career page generator, go to Settings --> Career page.

You will be redirected to a new tab in your browser:

Use Add new section button available in the bottom of the left menu to add new content to your Career page.

You can choose from:

1) Text and image to:

  • choose the layout

  • add an image

  • type in the content

2) Gallery section, to upload photos

3) Team - where you can add the images of the team with the names and positions of its members

4) Open positions - where all the jobs posted directly from your TRAFFIT will be presented.

5) Quote - to be able to add quotes with the names, photos and positions of the quoted people (e.g. team members)

6) Button - allowing you to add a button with a hyperlink redirecting the visitor to a specific link, e.g. to a spontaneous application form.

7) Benefits - to list all the benefits offered by your company in a clear way.

8) HTML - allowing you to enter your own HTML code. HERE are some examples of how you can use this section.

Each of the sections (besides of "Open positions") can be used multiple times.

You can use the Preview button visible in the left upper corner of the generator any time to see how will the career page look like for the candidates visiting it. It's also the link you can copy and paste to your website, to redirect the candidates browsing your main site when they want to see the career options you offer.

To learn more about the career page generator, see a short video:

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