The unique link for downloading consents work is an application form, that includes some of the candidate data already filled in.

If you put the unique link for downloading consents in an e-mail template,  the candidate will see a blue button called "link" in the content of the e-mail, for example:

The link already contains some of the candidate data, this is why if the candidate uses the button, he will be redirected to an application form with some or all of his data already filled in, with an option to edit them before accepting and renewing the consents.

This solution:

- makes it easier for the candidates to update the consents

- allow the candidates to update their data at the same time

- guarantees, that the consents will be applied on the proper candidate profile.

The "E-mail" field is non-editable by default, because this value is unique - it is treated as the ID of the candidate in the system. That also guarantees, that the data and the consents will be updated on the proper candidate profile.

Other data, like last name or phone number, are editable for the candidate. They might be edited by the candidate before submitting the form.

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