How to create a consent update form?
Consent update form creation and usage
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You can create a consent update form for multiple purposes:

  • leaving a spontaneous application by a potential candidate

  • acquiring consents from potential candidates, for example sourced on Linkedin

  • updating consents of a candidate that already exists in your talent pool

To create or edit an existing consent update form go to Settings → Job posting and GDPR → Consent update

Use the red button on the bottom of the page to start creating a new consent update form.

In the first step your TRAFFIT will ask you to:

  • choose the language of the form, determining the available clauses (in the next step)

  • choose an application form template you want to use from the list

  • put additional script, for example Google Analitycs to track the views of the form (not required):

Click Next to go to the next stage.

In second step you will be asked to choose the clauses you want to be put on the form. The list will include only the clauses in the chosen language, excluding the ones dedicated to a particular job (because this form is not assigned to any job).

Step three allows you to set up the thank you message that will appear on the candidate’s computer screen after submitting the form:

In the last step you can decide if you want the candidate to receive an e-mail confirmation after submitting the form:

If you decide to create an email automation her, it will be visible next to the chosen application form template in Settings → Email/SMS templates

After filling in all the four steps TRAFFIT will generate a link to consent update form. You can copy and use it anyway you want - for example it can be put on your career page or used in direct messages sent to your candidates.

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