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How to import candidates consents with the same date?
How to import candidates consents with the same date?
Importing candidates consents with the same date
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To import the candidates consents, put the information about the consents in the CSV file you are using for the data import. Use a separate column to add the information about the candidate having a consent or not in the file.

This is an example of a file you can use to upload the consents:

The values you can use in the consent column are:

“1”, “true”, “yes”, “tak”, “y”, “t” - if the candidate has the consent

“0”, “false”, “no”, “nie”, “n” - of the candidate doesn’t have the consent

After preparing the CSV file, go to your Traffit and go to Data import feature to upload it. Choose the option “Import only new candidates”. Drop a CSV file or upload it from your computer and click “Upload file”:

You will see the list of fields from the file and the option to match them with the fields on the candidate profile. When you get to the consent column, go to the bottom of the list and choose Actions → New consent:

In the next step you can decide on:

  • the consent that will be added to the candidates

  • the recruiment in which the consent was given by the candidate (required, if the consent results from a particular recruitment)

Choose “Treat this column as information about approval of consent” and put in the date of the consent:

Click “Save” and go to “Next” step. Continue the process like it is described in this article.

  1. This option allows you to add the candidates and their the consents to the system, only if the clause already exist in the system. If you didn’t put any clauses in your system yet, you should start from that, and then go to uploading the CSV file.

  2. You can mix this method with the method described here - by putting dates and yes/no into separate columns.

  3. You can add multiple clauses to 1 candidate, by adding few columns in the CSV file - 1 for every consent:

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