When you post an adverts on your Career Page there is some basic data that is being sent via API for each published advert:

"nrRef" - a reference number of the recruitment, for which the advert has been created

"recruitmentId" - unique ID of the recruitment in the system

"advertId" - unique ID of the advert

"advertPublishId" - unique ID of the publicication

"url" - www adress where the advert is placed

"awarded" - information about if the advert should be propoted or not

"validStart" - start date of the publication

"validEnd" - end date of the publication

"title" - name of the recruitment

"applicationForm" - application form www address

"language" - language of the advert

"advertTemplate" - name of a template that was use in the advert

"name" - advert title

"headerPhoto" - headre image (link)

"description" - position discription

"geolocation" - location assigned to the advert

Optionally there are additional fields:

"requirements" - data from a Requirements section (if used in the advert template)

"responsibilities" data from Expectations section (if used in the advert template)

"benefits" - data from What We Offer section (if used in the advert template)

"companyId" - unique client ID for which the recruitment is performed (only when CRM section is active)

If you want to send additional information via API you can find out how in this article.

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