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How do I set up account notifications?
How do I set up account notifications?

User notifications

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To choose what notification Traffit displays when you’re logged in, click your picture in the bottom right corner and go to the Settings subtab:

You can set up notifications for:

  • recruitments;

  • events from the calendar;

  • new applications in recruitments;

  • new emails;

  • TO-DO-s.

  • events in recruitment;

  • information about comment/evaluation on the candidate's;

  • ending consent.

NOTE: here you can also enable desktop notifications.

The first time you log into Traffit after setting up notifications, your browser will ask you if it’s OK to display Traffit notifications. Click Allow. Depending on the type, each notification requires a different action. If it’s about a Meeting or a TO-DO, a message will pop up with an option to close it (OK). If it’s about a candidate in a recruitment, your options are as follows:

  • Move the candidate to the next recruitment stage (Next stage);

  • Close the notification (OK);

  • Put the candidate on the waiting list (Waiting list);

  • Reject the candidate (Rejected);

  • Snooze the notification for 15-minutes/1 hour/2 hours/1 day (Snooze).

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