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How to customize your Traffit before you start?
How to customize your Traffit before you start?
First steps as Traffit administrator
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You have the access to Settings tab and you have been chosen to be the ATS administrator? That's great! When your team is ready to go and to start using TRAFFIT, you might want to customize the system so that it would cover your needs and reflects your processes.

Here you can find a to-do list to configure these areas of your TRAFFIT, that are crucial for your recruiting being quick and efficient.


All the fields visible in Personal data tab on the candidate profile are fully customizable (If you have a PRO or ELITE plan). You can add there all kinds of fields reflecting data you want to keep and collect from your candidates.

What is more, the fields put on the candidate profile influences other elements of the system - like available filters on the candidates lists or fields you can add on the application forms. You can customize candidate profile in Settings --> Custom fields configuration --> Candidate data. Here you can read more about candidate profile customization.


If you are using PRO or ELITE plan you can also customize the details of the jobs - internal information about every vacancy (both when creating or editing a job in TRAFFIT). You can do it in Settings --> Custom fields configuration --> Job.

This data will be sent to your career page, if you decide to integrate it using our API.


Visit Settings --> Hiring workflow to decide, how will your recruitment process look like. You can define the number and names of particular stages of your recruitment process. It should reflect the way you perform every recruitment. With PRO or ELITE plan you can create multiple workflows. You can feel like a designer!

You can set a separate list of rejection and resignation reasons for every workflow. This will allow the team to assign reasons to rejected candidates - but also allow TRAFFIT to present it in reports.


You can find two tabs in Settings --> Job posting and GDPR:

1) Application forms templates - where you can create templates of application forms (the number and names of the fields and they're being required or not). Users will be able to edit them when creating a job post:

2) Job post templates - where you can set the cover images, default content, sections, or even the Thank you message (visible on the candidate's screen after applying). This is also the place where you can add some additional scripts, like the ones for Google Analitycs.

Thanks to templates, job posts and application forms creation will be much quicker and simplier!


If you recruit in UE, you need to remember about GDPR compliance. Settings --> Job posting and GDPR --> GDPR tab allows you to create the consents, that will be put on the application forms created in your TRAFFIT, to be accepted by the candidates when applying.


You can create permission groups in Settings --> Permissions. There are few default ones, but with PRO or ELITE plan you can create unlimited permission groups and edit the existing ones:

When the permission groups are ready, you can:


You can integrate both your personal and system mailbox with the ATS.

Thanks to that:

  • recruiters will be able to send e-mails to the candidates directly from the ATS,

  • some e-mails to the candidates can be sent automatically from their mailboxes,

  • the correspondence with the candidates will be visible to the whole team on the candidate profile (if you give them permission to see it, of course πŸ˜‰ )

You can read here how to integrate your calendar with TRAFFIT. Don't forget to share this link with your team!


Visit Templates --> E-mail templates to create templates that will be used by the whole team.

Every e-mail template you create here can be used in the e-mails sent manually to the candidates directly from the system, but you can also reuse them for creating automated e-mail notifications. These can be set up to be sent every time a candidate is moved between the stages.


To make candidate tagging easier for your team, go to Settings --> Tags to create a list of tags manually or import your tags list.

Talent pool with tagged candidates is much easier to be searched through or manage - this is why it's worth doing it from the day one!


Now, when you have already integrated your mailbox and your calendar, you can create your Scheduler. It's a link you can put in your e-mails to candidates, so that they would be able to see your calendar (available time slots) and to choose the convenient time and date of the job interview:

Please remember, that Scheduler is a personal feature - it means, that everyone from your team should do it separately.


You can download Traffit's sourcing extension here. It will allow you to add candidates to your database directly from Linkedin, but also to check if the person already exists there and is assigned to any jobs or already has any notes. Please remember, that it is a browser extension, so everyone from your team should install it separately on their browser.


If you already have a candidate database in an XLS or CSV file, you can easily import it to your TRAFFIT.

If you have a folder with candidates CV's you want to keep in your ATS on your computer, you can use our CV parser to simply drag'n'drop them and create candidates profiles in the system directly from the uploaded files.


You can do that using one of these methods:

  • public API for career tab integration

  • simple script to be copied and pasted on the existing career tab

  • our Career Page Generator:

All the methods are described in details HERE.

Your TRAFFIT is customized and ready to go πŸ™‚ Feel free to dive in the talent pool and find the best candidates!

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