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How do I integrate Traffit with my Career page?
How do I integrate Traffit with my Career page?
Integrating Traffit with Career site
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You can choose from 3 methods of doing it:

1. You can create the full Career page in Traffit using our generator and place a link to this page on your website. You can turn on the career site generator in Settings --> Career page

Here you can find a short video tutorial of our generator:

2. By using a simple script to be put on your website. To use it, go to Settings -> Job posting and GDPR --> Job posting settings, scroll down and copy the script, and then paste it on your website:

3. You can use our public API for integrating Traffit with your existing Career page. To do that, you can use the link to the list of the jobs published from your Traffit here: where you should put your systems address in the place of

CLICK HERE for the documentation of the public API.

No matter which method you choose, posting jobs from Traffit to your career page will always be simple - you will just need to use the "Put on career page" button visible on the job post:


If you want your Traffit to be integrated with other systems, you can use integration API for that. It's available in Elite plan. You can find the integration API documentation here.

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