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How do I add a system mailbox?

Adding a system mailbox

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Go to Settings -> System mailbox and click Add new mailbox at the bottom right:

Choose the mailbox type: IMAP (if you’re using e.g., Gmail or Office 365) or Exchange:

Next enter the following data:

  • Name – mailbox name;

  • Login IMAP/Login SMTP – full email address;

  • Password IMAP/Password SMTP – password for your system mailbox.

In the Server data section, provide detailed data for your mailbox. Here are the data for the three most popular providers: Google, Outlook, and Gmail:

Click Next and select folders from your system mailbox to be integrated with Traffit.

Next, choose the folder to save messages sent from Traffit (in case of Gmail simply click Next, as the messages will be saved in the Sent folder in Gmail).

Then set up the signature for emails sent from Traffit and click Save.

Once you’ve added the mailbox, you can go to the Users section to choose users that will have access to it.

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