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How do I create an application form template?
How do I create an application form template?

Application form template creation

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To create a new application form template, go to Settings -> Job posting and GDPR -> Application forms, and click on the red button in the right corner of your TRAFFIT.

Add the name for the form so that you can easily find it on the lists:

Next, click on the blue Add field to the form button to add new fields to your form template. You will see all the fields available on the candidate profile there. Click on the fields you want to add to your template:

Click Save. Now you can:

  • change the header of your application form

  • change the order of the fields using drag'n'drop

  • make the field required or not required

  • edit the field's name (using pencil icon)

  • remove the field

You can also add Additional questions to your application form template:

Answers to the additional questions will be presented in the notes on the profiles of the candidates who applied with this form.

When you finish, click Save to save the new form template.

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