How do I create hiring workflow?
Creating a recruitment process (workflow)
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Go to Settings -> Hiring workflow.

You can find the list of created hiring workflows and add new ones. To create a new process click on "Add process" button:

First, type in the name of the workflow, so that you can easily recognize it on the list:

Click Save to go to the next step. Newly created workflow will have 4 default stages:

1) New

2) Employed

3) Rejection

4) Waiting list

Stages 2,3 and 4 are end stages. You can add multiple stages between "New" and end stages using the button "Add stage":

Every newly added stage can have:

NAME - required

THE KEY OF THE STAGE - name used in the integration API

COLOUR - frame color of the stage

Click Save to save name stage on the workflow. Analogically, you can add more stages to this workflow.

You can also change the names of the default stages (New, Employed, Rejection and Waiting list). To do that, click on pencil icon on the right side of the chosen stage in the workflow and an edition box will open:

Click Save after renaming the stage.

You can enrich the workflow with standardized reasons of putting candidates on the Rejection and Waiting list stage. To do that, click on the number next to the pencil icon (visible only for Rejection and Waiting list stages). Add a reason one by one and click Add to add them to the list:

You can turn on the "Reason required" slider if you want the users to choose a rejection reason every time they reject a candidate. Works the same for Waiting list.

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