How to add a candidate by CV? (CV Parser)
CV parsing in Traffit
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There are two places, where you can add a candidate by CV:

  1. Candidates list

  2. Directly in a published job

How to add candidates in there?

Go to a candidates list, or visit your job's candidates list, and in the right top corner, you’ll find the “By CV upload” button.

On a general candidates list, a new pop-up will appear, where you can choose the job you want to add the candidates to, or you can add them simply to the base, without choosing it.

On a candidates list inside the published job, you'll simply just get the next view, where you can upload the documents.

When you’ll make your decision, simply click the “Upload CV” button.

Then you can choose the files, you want to upload. Note, that there is a limit of 10 files at a time, with a maximum file size of 20MB each.

After sending your files, the system will take a moment to create profiles for uploaded candidates. You will get the notification when it’s ready. The candidates will appear on your lists.

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