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How to create and manage email templates
How to create and manage email templates
Email templates in TRAFFIT
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Check out how it works:

You can manage your email templates in Settings → Email/SMS templates. In this tab you can both create new email templates and create workflow based email automations.

Templates are put in (mandatory) categories. You can create a new template or a new category anytime on the top of this tab. Thanks to Search field on the left you can find a template basing on its name.

You can find the list of templates included under the category name. You can also rename or remove a category. You can change the order of the templates in a category or move them to another category using simple drag’n’drop:

Every template has the following information and options:

1. number of email automations using this template (click it to see the details)*

2. the email receiver:

C for candidate

U for user

HM for Hiring Manager

3. template preview

4. template edition

5. template duplication (without attachment)

6. removing a template

* If the template was used in consent update form, you will see it listed here too.

When creating a new template you have to:

  • enter its name

  • choose the receiver (user, candidate or Hiring Manager)

  • choose the category

  • enter the subject and the content of the email

When creating a new template you can:

  • choose, if it will be active

  • use personalized elements, like candidates name or job name (Available fields visible on the right)

  • add an attachment (up to 20MB)

  • enter the HTML code to make it consistent with the company visual identification:

After creating a new email template your TRAFFIT will ask you if you want to create an email automation basing on it.

The email templates you create can be used to:

  • automate the emails based on the workflow

  • automate the emails based on a job

  • manually send emails to your candidates, users and Hiring managers.


When deactivating or removing an email template, you remove the email automation based on it.

To have the access to email templates or email automation creation in your TRAFFIT you need to have the permission given by your Administrator.

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