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How to create awesome email templates
How to create awesome email templates

Email templates - additional options

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Your email templates don't have to be just plain text. These are the additional options that our templates give you:

1) HTML code

To make your email templates more consistent with the corporate identity of your company, you put the HTML code in your email templates. This is option is available in the HTML editor:

Use Preview to check how will your HTML email template will look like after sending.

You can use some free online tools like STRIPO to create awesome email templates.


You can used personalized elements in every email template. What does it mean?

It means that your TRAFFIT will fill in the chosen information from the system depending on the receiver of the email - like the receiver's name, name of the job he is taking part in or the rejection reason.

To do that, use the fields from the Available fields module on the right.

Click "+" to add the personalized item to the email content.


You can use templates to get or update existing consents from the candidates.

When the default form is created, a new button will appear in the Candidate module on the right. It will be called Consent update link:

Use it to put a button in the email template. The button will redirect the candidate to a template you have chosen to be the default one. Some of the candidate data will be already filled in when the candidate visits it (and he will not be able to edit them, like the email address).

The default text on the button is LINK, but the system will allow you to edit it.


Create your Scheduler to allow candidates to choose the job interview time and date directly from your calendar. A new module on the Available fields list on the right will appear. Use it, to add the Scheduler button to your template:

[video-to-gif output image]


Your email template can be enriched with a video. To be sure it will be displayed correctly to the receiver, upload a thumbnail and add a hyperlink to the target video:


You can add an attachment when creating an email template. It can't be bigger than 20MB so that you could be sure your receiver will get it (due to mailboxes limitations).

e-mail attachment in TRAFFIT

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