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How to create workflow-based email automation?
How to create workflow-based email automation?
Workflow-based email automation
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Check out how it works:

Process based automation is an automation that would be applied to every job based on this process (workflow). That means that if you have only 1 workflow (You can check that in Settings → Hiring workflow) - it will be applied to every job you create in your TRAFFIT.

You can create a process based automation in one of these two tabs:

  1. Settings → Email/SMS templates by using the Add email automation button

  2. Settings → Hiring workflow by choosing the right stage of the workflow and clicking on the automation icon on it.

Process based email automations are visible on the workflow:

When you click on the automation icon, you can see the details of existing automations, edit and remove them:

When creating a new email automation you have to:

  • choose the receiver of the email, where:

C stands for candidate

U stands for user

HM stands for Hiring Manager

  • choose the mailbox the emails will be sent from

  • email template to be used by this automation

  • workflow stage triggering the automation (if you are doing it in Settings → Email/SMS templates, because in Settings → Hiring workflow tab the stage details will be prefilled)

You can choose more than 1 stage when creating a process based automation!

A newly created automation will be visible in:

  • Settings → Email/SMS templates tab

  • Settings → Hiring workflow tab

  • on the candidates list in a particular job based on this workflow (automation icon next to the stage):


You need to have a permission given to you by the Administrator of your TRAFFIT to be able to manage email automations.

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