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Managing your candidate database
Deleting vs Soft delete of a candidate
Deleting vs Soft delete of a candidate
Differences between deleting and soft deleting
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You can find these 2 options in your candidate database:

  • Delete

  • Soft delete

(If you don't see them, it means that you don't have the permission to perform these activities. To be able to do delete and soft delete candidate - contact your Traffit's administrator)

You can delete and soft delete candidates one by one or for multiple candidates at a time. For both deletion and soft deletion, the candidates personal data and files will be immediately and irreversibly removed.

If you Delete a candidate, all his data will be removed and with no remaining sign of their existence.

Soft delete option will remove the candidates personal data and files, but the ID with all the activities performed on this record will be remained in the system and reflected in all kind of reports.

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