How to create an application form?
Creating an application form
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To create an application form for an advertisement, you first need to create a job advertisement for a given recruitment. Start by opening a recruitment, go to the Post a job subtab and use the Post a job red button in the right, bottom corner.

Go through the first and second step of creating an advert (advert template and consents), and in the third step you will be able to select a proper application form template. 

You can use an application form template or create a completely custom application form (if you have the permission to do that). After creating the job post and and application form you can close the creator, or go to posting section (Career site, job boards, social media)

Bezpośredni link do formularza aplikacyjnego będzie dostępny po zakończeniu procesu jego tworzenia, po prawej stronie - pod nazwą użytego szablonu formularza aplikacyjnego:

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