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How do I integrate Traffit with Slack?
How do I integrate Traffit with Slack?
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Create a new group on your company Slack, where Traffit will notify you about new candidates in your database. Open Slack and click the plus sign by the Channels field in the menu on the left:

Give your channel a description and click Create channel:

Then go to Settings -> General settings and click Add to Slack to be taken to the authorization site.

Type in your Traffit password, select previously created channel from the list and click Authorize.

Traffit will display a message: “Slack has been integrated with your Traffit.” Additionally, you will receive an email confirmation: “You just installed TRAFFIT for the Traffit Slack team.”

From now on each time when an application will be submitted via a form you shared on the Internet, you will get a notification on the selected Slack channel:

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