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What to do with an old headline in job post on social media?
What to do with an old headline in job post on social media?
Changing the headline of the job posted on social media
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If you publish an advert from Traffit on social media (Facebook, Linkedin) and then you change a picture in the headline of this advert and post it there again, the portal will still be showing the old picture in this post and on the miniature. It is a result of picture caching in the browser.
How to avoid such situation? 


Wait over a dozen minutes before you post the advert again after changing the picture in the headline. The problem occurs only if you you post the advert again immediately after changing the picture.

An alternative way facebook offers is using a facebook tool under the link:
Just paste the link to an advert there, click 'Debug' and then click on 'Scrape again'.


Pictures on Linkedin are being cached for 7 days, so you can apply one of the following methods: 

1. Use the tool Linkedin Post Inspector (recommended)

After checking the link to the advert in this tool you can go ahead and post it again on Linked in and the picture in the headline will be the new one. You can find more information about this tool here.

2. Another, alternative solution is to 'force' the browser to download the new picture in your headline. You can do it by adding a question mark at the end of the link together with any string of characters.

It will not affect the content in your advert.

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