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How do I create a job post template?
How do I create a job post template?

Creating a job post template in TRAFFIT

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To create a new job post template, go to Settings -> Job posting and GDPR -> Job post templates.

Use the red button in the bottom right corner of the system to open the new job post template creator:

The only required field is the Template name to help you find it on the lists.

Other fields that can be filled are:

1) Language

When adding clauses to your application form, TRAFFIT will allow you to add only the clauses in the same language as the job post language.

2) Header image

A panoramic image will be presented as the header of your job post. The optimal size of the image is 1250x350 px.

3) Job post image for social media

Image (thumbnail) visible when you post your job on social media, like Facebook or LinkedIn. The optimal image for social media should have a 2:1 ratio and a minimum dimension of 1200 x 627.

4) Thank you message

Here you can decide, what will be presented on the screen of a candidate that has just applied (an empty screen is not a good idea πŸ˜‰)

5) Job description

6) Sections

If you want your job posts to be consistent, you can create sections visible on every job post created from this template.

The default sections on every newly created job post template are:

  • We require

  • Nice to have

  • What we offer

but you can remove them and create your own sections. To do that, use the Add new field button under the default sections:

You can see a trash bin icon next to every section - use it to remove the section from the template:

7) Additional script

You can use this field to add additional scripts to your template, e.g. Google Analitycs, Google Tag Manager, or scripts that will change the colors and the fonts:

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