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How can use the heart icon on candidate's list?
How can use the heart icon on candidate's list?
Heart icon on candidate's list
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You can mark your favourite candidates in the database by using heart icon to be able to easily get back to their profiles. This icon will be visible only to you.

Marking a candidate profile with a heart icon is possible from candidates list visible in Candidates module, by clicking on it. You can unmark it by clicking it again:

You can also do that directly on the candidate profile, by clicking on the heart icon on his avatar:

We prepared a dedicated filter for you, so that you can easily list the candidates that were marked by you with the heart icon. You can find it above the candidates list, as a first one from the system filters (on the left). When you click on the heart icon, Traffit will show you the list of the candidates marked this way by you:

You can also put the heart icon next to favourite recruitments and clients!

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