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Why did the verification of the import data fail?
Why did the verification of the import data fail?
Verification of the import data
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If the verification of the file that you have prepared for import was unsuccessful at the bottom of the page you will see a message indicating the reason.

Possible reasons are:

  1. Invalid file format - Imported file must be in .csv format

  2. Invalid file size - the file should not be bigger than 20MB

  3. At least 2 columns have the same header - the column headers in the CSV file must be unique

  4. At least 1 column in the .csv file has no name - each column in the imported file must have a unique name.

  5. At least 1 row in the .csv file has a different number of columns than the others - each row in the file must have the same number of columns.

  6. The .csv file is empty (0Mb)

  7. The encoding used in the .csv file is not supported.

If you receive the message "An unexpected error has occurred" - please report it to us via chat or e-mail to [email protected]

If the import has failed, you will find an error report next to it in the report history. It's a file that can be downloaded. The error report provides a list of records for which the import failed, along with the reason for the failure.

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