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Where can I find the history of data imports?
Where can I find the history of data imports?
History of data imports
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The history of imports made by users can be found after going to the data import module, available in 3 places in the system described here.

Below the list of data import options there is a table with a list of all imports (both successful and unsuccessful attempts):

The table contains the following information:

Import author - name and surname of the user who made the import

Date - day and time the import was made

File name - the name of the .csv file from which data was imported

Import type - information whether it was import of new or update of existing candidates

Import status - information on whether the import was successful or unsuccessful

Error report - the column in which the file with the error report is located and can be downloaded. The error report contains a list of records for which the import failed - along with the reason for the failure.

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