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How do I add consent to a candidate?
How do I add consent to a candidate?

Adding a consent to a candidate profile

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How can consents be added to a candidate profile?

TRAFFIT allows you to process your candidates' data in a GDPR-compliant way. The consent may be added on candidates' profiles two ways:

1) Candidates can accept clauses you have set up in your system and placed on the application forms.

2) Consent can be added manually to candidates by the user:

  • When adding a new candidate to the system.

    You can make it required when creating a candidate profile manually. To do that, go to Settings --> Job posting and GDPR --> GDPR and turn the Require assigning consents to candidate added manually:

  • When entering the profile of a candidate already existing in your database.

    To do that, visit the candidate profile, then go to the Consents tab and use the Assign consent button visible on the top of the consent summary:

You can do that e.g. when the candidate consented via e-mail, direct message on LinkedIn, etc.

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