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Hiring manager vs. user - what's the difference?
Hiring manager vs. user - what's the difference?

Hiring Manager account

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User is a recruiter, that has the access to all (or the ones he owns) recruitments, can preview the candidate's profile - both those, that are involved in recruitments and those in your talent pool. He has the access to full candidate data, can move the candidates to the next steps of the process and make activities like sending e-mails to candidates.

Hiring Manager can:

  • preview the candidates the users has shared to him

  • log into the system and be able to view a list of opened processes with a list of all the candidates involved. He can preview their basic data using the quick preview option, but it is limited for him - he cannot move the candidates between the stages.

IMPORTANT! If you are a user and you want a Hiring Manager to be able to see the details of a particular recruitment, you need to add him as a responsible person to it.

To make Hiring Manager's access even more secure you can set up an SMS verification.

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