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How do I create and edit a clause?
How do I create and edit a clause?

Creating and editing clauses (consents)

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Go to Settings --> Job posting & GDPR --> GDPR to add or edit the existing consents. Use the red button to create a new consent.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Consent name

To quickly find it on the list

  • Choose language

When creating a job advert and an application form, only clauses with matching language will appear on them

  • Type of consent

Choose, if it's the consent for the actual job, future jobs, marketing consent, etc.

  • Start date

If you want it to appear on the list only after a specific date.

  • End date

If you want it to disappear from the list (and application forms, where it was used) after a specific date.

  • Consent content

The content that will be visible on the application form to be accepted by the candidate.

You can also choose some additional settings for your clause:

  • Visible when creating an application form

If you want it to be on the list when creating an application form

  • Visible on candidate profile

If you want it to be visible on the candidate profile after submitting the application form

  • Removable from form

If you want your users to have the option to remove it from the application form

  • Confirmation required

If you don't want to allow your candidates to apply without accepting this clause

Remember to click Save after creating a new clause.

To edit a clause, go to Settings -> Advertisements and clauses -> Clauses and click Edit:

Once you’re done, click Save.

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