How do I add a new job?
Adding a new job
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To add a new Job go to Jobs --> All section in the main menu on the left side. Then click on the blue Add a job button in the right, upper corner:

In the first step, you will have to select a proper workflow for your recruitment. You can find some information about workflow here. When you select a workflow click on the 'Next step' button.

In the second step, You have the option to fill the description of the job. You can use addertisement template to do so, or fill the content manually i the correct window. If You just need to generate the link to the recruitment form You can skip this step.

In the third step, please choose recruitment form that Your candidate will be filling out. Here You have also the possibility to edit the questions respestively. When Your form will be read please just click on „Next step”

In the last step, You have the possibility to publish Your advertisement on Career Page, Facebook Jobs or other portals. On top of that, You may copy the link to Your adversisement in order to send them further. For example to the chosen candidate.

Now, You just need to click on „Save and publish” and wait till new candidates will appear in Your Job. 😊

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