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Job posting integration and job posting integration and job posting integration and job posting
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To integrate your TRAFFIT with, go to Settings --> Job posting and GDPR --> Job boards and visit the settings section. You will need your account manager's email address to do that.

Fill in the following:

1) account manager email - the email address of your account manager in (contact directly if you don't have your Account Manager there yet).

2) CC person email - the email address of the person you want to be informed (in CC) when posting a job on

3) Field to choose the list of users job posting on will be enabled for. You can also make it available for all the users:

Please remember to click Save to save the changes.

Job posting on will be available for all the chosen users. If the person posting a job on is included in any of the users groups, the job posting might be limited basing on the group's job posting limit.

The authorised users will see the option to post a job right after creating a job post ( will be visible on the list of paid job boards), but also for the existing job posts - when using the Publish job post button: on the list of available job boards:

After choosing from the list, you will be asked to choose the type of the position:

  • white collar

  • blue collar

Basing on this choice, the system will ask you to fill in some additional information about the role - required by The details you have put in the job post will already be prefilled.

After filling in the full form and saving it, all the job post data will be sent to your account manager in The publication time will depend on your account manager. If the account manager has additional questions, he will contact you directly via email - by replying to the email with the details he has received from the system.

Job published on will be visible on the Published jobs list in the system:

You will be able to edit or deactivate it directly from this list. Both will result in your account manager being informed via email.

You will also see the status of the job post:

  • Sent to Account owner - if it was sent to your account manager in

  • Deactivated - if the job post was deactivated by any user

The candidates applying from will see as the application source in the system, so that you can easily recognize them.

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