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What is huntoo and how it works? - for companies
What is huntoo and how it works? - for companies

huntoo - referral platform integrated with TRAFFIT

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What is huntoo?

huntoo is a referral platform that allows you to use your network to collect high-quality applications. It supports both external and internal (employee) referrals. Huntoo is integrated with TRAFFIT, so all referred candidates appear in the ATS after applying.

How does it work?


1. Activate huntoo in your TRAFFIT and set it up.

2. Publish your job posts with referral bonuses on huntoo. If you publish the job on your Career page, bonus information will be also visible there!

3. Registered huntoo users can generate unique links to publications and share them with their business contacts and friends. Published job posts will be available on: Internal referrals are visible to the users whose email domains match your huntoo settings.

4. People can apply using the referrers links through the job post application form - make sure that the application form is as smooth as possible! huntoo users who visit can also apply directly to your jobs without a referral.

5. When the referred candidate (or user directly) applies, a new candidate appears in your job with dedicated activity indicating huntoo as a source with the referrer's details.

6. After hiring the candidate from huntoo, both you (according to huntoo settings) and the referrer are notified via email.

Publishing job post on huntoo

When publishing your job posts on huntoo you can choose - internal, external, or both referral types:

A publication will be visible:

  • in your TRAFFIT, in Jobs --> Job --> Job posts & Application forms --> Published

  • on (internal referrals are visible only for registered users whose email addresses domain matches with huntoo settings in Traffit)

  • If you published the job post also on your Career page - it will be enriched with the referral bonus information

  • If you are using your own Career page and just fetching the published job posts using GET https://www.<your_traffit_name> endpoint, the information about the referral bonus is available in huntoo_link field

Publications are synchronized every few minutes, so after you publish your job with a referral it should appear on huntoo in less than 10 minutes.

Candidates from huntoo

A dedicated activity will be created on the profiles of candidates who applied from huntoo and:

  • were logged to huntoo when applying and they applied directly on huntoo, not using the referrer's link,

  • used referrer's link - in this case, the activity will be enriched with the referrer's name, the first letter of his surname, and email address.

The activity will not be created for candidates who:

  • were not logged to huntoo when applying and they applied directly on huntoo, not using the referrer's link,

  • were logged to huntoo when applying and they applied through huntoo referral link - but they edited the received referral link before applying.

All the candidates who apply from huntoo will have "huntoo" application source in TRAFFIT - so that you can easily recognize them.

Candidate's status

The referrer will be informed via email when the status of the referred candidate in the job changes.

The referrer will also see the current status of the referred candidate's application in his huntoo account. That includes the following statuses:

  • New

  • In progress

  • Hired

  • Rejected

Huntoo publication deactivation

Huntoo publication will be deactivated when:

  • TRAFFIT user deactivates it manually in the ATS

  • the related job post is deactivated

  • related job is closed

  • huntoo <-->TRAFFIT integration is turned off

Hiring a candidate from huntoo

When a referred candidate is hired, both you and the referrer are notified via email about the successful referral. Please note that bonus payment is executed between you and the referrer, huntoo is not involved in the bonus payment process.


When enabling huntoo, a custom report will be added to your Reports section in TRAFFIT - allowing you to check the number of applications from referrals and the overall performance of your referral program.

Look, how simple it is:

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