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What is huntoo and how it works? - for huntoo users
What is huntoo and how it works? - for huntoo users

How to become a referrer in huntoo referral program?

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What is huntoo?

huntoo is a referral platform that allows you to use your network (both business contacts and friends) in order to refer people for job positions and be gratified for it!

huntoo job posts combine:

  • referral options from different companies (external referrals)

  • referral options from your own company (internal referrals, available only when your company is using huntoo for referrals)

How does it work?

Look for some referrals

Check for any publications that your network might be interested in.

If you find jobs you feel you would be a good fit for, feel free to apply - you don't have to be referred to apply for the job!

Please note that if your company is using huntoo, the internal referrals won't be visible until you log in.

Register & log in

You should register using this link and log in to:

  • see your company's internal referrals,

  • be able to generate your unique referral link to both external and internal referrals,

  • track the recruitment status of your referred candidates,

  • track your own status of the recruitment in case you decided to apply directly from huntoo.

Registration in huntoo is really easy, you can do it with:

  • your Google account

  • your Facebook account

  • the registration form - just confirm the registration in the email you receive.

Generate the referral link

It is just one click to generate the referral link. You can do it with this button:

We recommend you get familiar with the terms and conditions available under this button so that you are fully aware of what needs to be fulfilled to get the bonus.

In case of any questions, feel free to reach the contact email address available in the details of the publication.

Share the link

Just copy your unique referral link and send it to your friends or share it on your social media to attract more potential candidates!

When your contacts open the referral link, they just need to submit the application form. That's all! You can start tracking their progress on your account in huntoo.

You will see the status of the referred candidate's application (or yours if you decided to apply and you have a huntoo account). That includes the following statuses:

  • New

  • In progress

  • Hired

  • Rejected

The application status is synchronized every few minutes.

Your referral is hired!

Congrats! We will notify you via e-mail when a candidate referred by you was hired! It's time to double-check what are the bonus payment conditions and contact the company when they are met.

We will also notify the company that hired your referred candidate and send them your contact information to make the communication simpler! Please note that huntoo is not responsible for bonus payments, it is the company's obligation.

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