You can add a TODO in one of the 3 ways:

  • For 1 particular candidate a time, from the candidate list - by clicking on three dots button in the end of the row (the last point on the screen):
  • For multiple candidates, from the candidate list - you need to click on the checkbox next to the candidates, you want to be attached to the TODO. Few options will occur, one of them (the last one if the first row is "TO-DO"):
  • The TODO's can be added here automatically, when you switch the candidate between the stages. To set it up, go to Settings --> Recruitment process, choose the process (workflow) and click on the transition between the stages. Choose "TO-DO" from available actions and click "Add". You will find an option to configure the content of the TODO too. Click "Save" when it's ready.

Everytime, when the candidate is transfered between these stages (in a recruitment based on this process) a TODO will be created automatically on this list.

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