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How can I integrate TRAFFIT with my Career page?
How can I integrate TRAFFIT with my Career page?

TRAFFIT <-> Career Page integration

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A professional and comprehensive career page is the best employer branding tool!

It may convince the unconvinced or scare the best talents. Here in TRAFFIT you have 3 integration options. Just choose the one that suits you best!

How can I integrate my Career page with TRAFFIT?

You can create the career page fully in your TRAFFIT or embed jobs posted from the ATS on your existing career page. In both cases, go to Settings --> Career page to choose the integration method.

You will see 3 available methods:

1) Career Page Generator

2) Embed job listing

3) Integrate via API

All the methods are described in detail below.

Career Page Generator

Click on Career Page Generator and you will be redirected to the creator. You can create the full Career page in TRAFFIT using our generator and place a link to this page on your website. Here's the full article about the generator.

And here's a short video where we created one in 5 minutes:

Embed job listing

You can embed a job listing from TRAFFIT on your existing career page using a simple script. Just copy and paste the script to your website:

  • You can choose the language of the job posts listed (all or particular languages) in the upper right corner

  • Listing navigation elements will be adapted to candidates’ browser language

You can customize the job listing appearance, like:

  • List item color

  • Leading color

  • Font color

  • Font

  • Job listing type (List or Boxes)

  • Number of jobs displayed on page

(The appearance settings apply only to the widget and do not affect the Career Page created using the generator).

You can customize the listing even more using additional styles.

Integrate via API

The second method of integrating your existing Career page with TRAFFIT is using our public API.

To do that, you can use the link to the list of the jobs published from your TRAFFIT here: where you should put your system's address in the place of

Click here for the full public API documentation.

How to post a job on my Career page from TRAFFIT?

No matter your chosen method, posting jobs from Traffit to your career page will always be simple.

You will just need to use the "Put on career page" button visible on the job post:

... or choose that you want to post it on the career page in the new job creation flow:

What kind of data is sent to Career Page?

No matter which method you choose, all the default data of the job will be sent to your career page. Here's the full list.

If you want to enrich this list, just add new fields to your job data field configuration and enable them in the integration. You can do it in Settings -> Fields configuration -> Job -> Job data.

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