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How do I run an advanced search?
How do I run an advanced search?
Boolean search in candidate database
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To use the advanced search (boolean search), go to the Candidates tab and click on the Advanced button on the search bar:

You will see three options there

  • Contains all the words (green) that mean AND - to find all the words you entered,

  • Contains any of the words (yellow) that mean OR - to find at least one word you entered,

  • Does not contain any of the words (red) that mean NOT - to exclude specific keywords.

This is where you can create advanced search queries applying several conditions simultaneously.

Type in a keyword or phrase you want to find or exclude on the candidate profile and press the search icon πŸ” to save it and continue.

[video-to-gif output image]

The system searches for the keywords:

  • on candidate profiles, in the Personal data tab,

  • in notes,

  • in the files attached to candidates' profiles (including CV's),

  • Tags,

  • Talents.

You can specify exactly where you want to find the keywords or exclude some specific areas from the search:

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