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UTM's in application sources - how to use them?
UTM's in application sources - how to use them?
UTM's in application sources
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If you need more detailed information about candidates application sources, you can add UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes to the job posts and application forms generated in TRAFFIT.

It will allow you not only to see the address of the website the candidate applied from, but also the medium (for example "CPC" for paid campaigns) and particular campaign name.

To do that, you will need:

  • the link to job post or application form generated in TRAFFIT

  • UTM generation tool (free tool available HERE)

Put the link to the job post or application form to "website URL" field.

Use "campaign source" field to define the title of the website you want to put the link to (e.g. "facebook" or "linkedin")

Put the medium name to "campaign medium" field - e.g. "referral" for recommendations or "cpc" for paid campaigns.

Use "campaign name" field to define the name of the campaign to be able to recognize a particular post, e.g. "post-ania"

Here's an example:

The end link with UTM will be visible below:

Copy it and paste it in the place where you want to collect candidates from, like Facebook groups.

If a candidate is redirected to this link and applies, you will see all the details included in the UTM on the candidate quick preview in a job, like here:


Source: facebook

Medium: referral

Campaign: post-ania

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