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What permissions do Hiring Managers have?
What permissions do Hiring Managers have?
Hiring Managers permissions
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Hiring Managers have the permission to:

  • see the chosen candidate's personal data

  • see the chosen candidate's file or files (including CV)

  • add notes to candidates in jobs, that will be visible for the users

  • rate candidates in jobs by giving them a "like" (thumb up) or "dislike" (thumb down)

Every user (that has permission for adding Hiring Managers accounts) can create a Hiring Manager account and decide on how this person can use TRAFFIT.

This is the choice the users are given when creating a Hiring Manager account:

Option 1

If the user chooses No, the Hiring Manager will not have access to your TRAFFIT.

Still, the user will be able to share the candidate profile with this Hiring Manager. The Hiring Manager will receive a link via e-mail (secured with token, active for 30 days) allowing him to see:

  • file or files chosen by the user

  • candidate's personal data chosen by the user

He can click on the chosen job to view the list of candidates taking part in it. He can go through the candidates profiles using the quick preview feature, but limited. Hiring Manager can:

  • browse shared profiles

  • leave notes

  • leave likes and dislikes

  • see shared candidates data

  • see user's notes to the shared stage (if you allow that in general settings)

Hiring Manager's view of a shared candidate application

To make the candidate profile sharing even more secure, you can turn on SMS verification for particular Hiring Managers.

This option is advised when the Hiring Manager is engaged in the process only on a specific step, for example when the short list clarifies.

Option 2

If the user chooses YES, the Hiring Manager will gain an individual access (login and password) to your TRAFFIT.

Hiring Manager will be able to log into the system and see the jobs he is assigned to. To assign a Hiring Manager to a job, you need to add him to the list to of responsible people in the Job details.

Hiring Manager will only see the Jobs tab with the list of jobs he is assigned to.

Hiring Manager can enter the job to see the candidates list and browse the applications using a limited quick preview (e.g. with no option to move candidates to a different stage).

This option is advised when the Hiring Manager is engaged in the whole process and you want him to have a constant access to the full list of applications.

No matter which option you choose, Hiring Managers accounts are free and unlimited.

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